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Chanise Grealy, Artist

Of all my subjects, people are the most important. 

I love to focus the individual,

portraying each person with honesty and life.

I want to show the world its people,

their stories and their struggles. 


Growing up in a world where it’s easy to focus on the darkness, I choose to create art that sees the brightness, the beauty in our world. With a love of Watercolour Painting as medium and people as focus, painting is an act of love for the quirks of individuals, of the natural world around us and our Creator.

In 2013 when my graphite and charcoal sketches started calling for more life and depth, I began using Watercolour Paints and have never looked back.


Since then I have contributed works to Gladstone’s Marten Hansen Memorial Art Awards, GPL Paint The Ports Competition, exhibited in local cafes throughout Brisbane and Central Queensland and embraced the privilege of teaching young people the basics of watercolour painting.


I often design logos for small businesses and thrive on the challenge of creating your vision through commissioned works.



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